Leggings…our wardrobe´s "WILDCARD"!

The "joker" is a special card found in all card decks, although it can also be found in other board games such as the Rummikub or Monopoly. It is also known as the wildcard, it all depends on the place and context used.

In fashion terms, you call something a wildcard that matches with everything, such as jeans. But jeans aren't as comfy as leggings (have you ever tried to sleep at an airport in your tight jeans?) So the one that really deserves the wildcard title, are leggings. Actually, I think that in every women's closet there should be not only one...but several of them. Leggings are versatile!

For those living in cities with four seasons or in tropical or cold climates throughout the year, leggings are undoubtedly a fundamental piece in a woman's wardrobe.

And why do I consider leggings to be a wildcard? Because they are versatile, you match them easily with almost anything. They can make you go from a sporty look to an elegant one with a snap of your fingers. What does its versatility depend on? Undoubtedly, fabrics, prints, colors, and combinations. You can use them in neutral tones with a dress, boots, and a coat in winter. They are also handy whenever you need to warm your legs, or they can be the most comfortable thing when exercising, whether you do Yoga or Crossfit.

If you need them to exercise, you must know how to choose your sports gear well. In this case, avoid a low waist. I recommend a high waist with high-quality compression fabric that is moisture-wicking and breathable in that area. This provides adequate control of the abdomen, the lower back, and helps you improve your posture. These innovative designs and high-quality materials enable you to shape your figure while you train! There are infinite possible combinations. I play with neutral tones, but from time to time, I go beyond my personal limits, and I dare to use vibrant colors or crazy prints!!! If you have a perfect abdomen…why not show it and combine it with the right matching sports bra? If you prefer not to wear a sports bra and show your abdominal area, you can use your leggings (your most recent wildcard) and combine them with different types of shirts or tank tops. In any of the 2 options, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful. You may carry out your sports activity, feeling good about yourself.

In case you want to use them with your casual or formal wardrobe, you may choose from options that vary from leather or animal prints. But how can we combine them?.....surely with almost anything....it depends on your personal style and the occasion. You can match them with boots, tennis shoes and even sandals, with a sweater, a blouse, a dress, a long or short T-shirt, a blazer or a jacket. You can mix neutral tones with more daring and colored accessories or vice versa. This wildcard, that today, we call leggings, invite us to combine and play with the rest of our wardrobe, letting us create a variety of options.

Someone once told me that leggings only go well on thin or athletic people…let me tell you something, they don’t. These garments are for everyone, tall, short, skinny, or with a few extra pounds. It all depends on the areas of your body you want to highlight or hide. That's how we combine them, playing a vital role. If you wear them with heels, for example, your legs will look long and stylish, and if you want to hide a few extra pounds in the abdominal area, you can use them with long blouses and play with colors.

So go ahead and combine your apparel with a sporty, formal, or informal pair of leggings. They are an essential garment in any wardrobe and never forget that fashion must be adapted to you, your needs, and your personal tastes. Feel beautiful that will always be the key!





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