SUMMERTIME...a synonym of sun, the beach, holidays, outdoor sports, and yes, fun! Lots of it! It is also a word that makes one travel back in time to distant fond memories with family and friends. It is generally a time that invites us to go out on vacation and explore. A time, when by the influence of the sun, we are usually more relaxed and happy. What do you say about going out for a drink? A cold beer with friends on a terrace in summer. Or a walk along the beach or beside the pool, exercising outdoors, or going out to ride a bicycle...sounds great, doesn't it?

Both in spring, in summer's eve, and during summer itself, we most want to exercise and get in shape. Outdoor activities, including exercise, play a crucial role, running, skating, swimming, or yoga in a park, become our favorite sports activities.

If you are like me, you like to enjoy the summer to the fullest, including exercising outdoors. You will also want to feel beautiful, fresh, and comfortable in your activities. This is where I give you different tips to choose from when selecting your summertime sportswear.

Capris, shorts, and leggings have a unique role. Choose fabrics that absorb moisture and are breathable. It's summer, play with bright colors and fun prints. This is not the time for dark and dull colors. This time of year allows it, so take a chance and play with the vibrant colors. The idea is to feel fresh but very comfortable, without losing good taste and style.

I like to combine sportswear options with swimsuits, with caps to protect me from the sun and good matching sports shoes. Today the quality and technology of the fabrics in sportswear is very advanced and prevents friction on your skin, allowing adequate breathability. If materials do not offer you that and there are cheaper options, be careful!!!!... cheap might end being very expensive!!!!

There are some essential tips that we should all take into account when we exercise during summer:

• Use Sneakers with light materials so that your feet breathe freely.
• Always wear socks that keep your feet dry, thus preventing fungus, chafing, blisters, and other injuries…so avoid direct contact with footwear.
• Wear clothes with high-quality fibers, invest in yourself, in your comfort. Synthetic fibers with cutting-edge technology take center stage.
• Protect your head with a cap, visor, scarf, or hat, depending on your style.
• Also, wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays. I like sunglasses that have a better grip than the formal ones because they don't slip, especially when I go running or riding a bike.
• Apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It is the key to avoid heatstroke and dehydration.
• And most importantly, enjoy every activity you do…. Life is short!
I've always thought we can't be stingy with ourselves. Think about quality, technology, comfort, freshness without losing style when you buy your summer gear. But above all, think about all those happy moments that you'll be having during summer with your family and friends. Enjoy the summer, enjoy life, and still be satisfied!!!!

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